Newsletter | May 17, 2019

05.17.19 -- 3 B2B Software Pricing Myths In A B2C World

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3 B2B Software Pricing Myths In A B2C World
By Chris Mele

Unfortunately, up to 70-point margin swings are quite common in the software industry. Pricing mistakes like this — inadvertently mimicking B2C sales tricks — quickly erode trust. By applying B2C sales tactics to your B2B software, you could be inadvertently absorbing a very large amount of risk. 

The New Software Marketing Mindset
By Charles Var

A seasoned SaaS CMO shares five simple moves marketers need to nail.

Remote Control: How To Keep An International Workforce In Sync
By Vasco Pedro

The CEO and cofounder of a rapidly growing enterprise software company explains how its mission and culture adapt to encompass team members across seven offices in two countries.

Transforming A SaaS Business In A Single Week
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

This founder/CEO shut his SaaS company down for a week and invested half a million dollars to reboot its culture and put it back on a path of rapid growth.

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Visualizing Users’ Journeys Through Your Application: Expect The Unexpected
Webinar | Revulytics

Stop guessing and start seeing - attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Visualize user engagement with features
  • Discover broken or unanticipated workflows
  • Run A/B tests to validate changes in user behavior
  • Identify frequently used workflows for optimization
  • Validate UX design by analyzing user behavior.