Newsletter | October 18, 2019

10.18.19 -- 3 Big Lies In VC Financing

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Advice From The Trenches: What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
By Vaclav Muchna

Vaclav Muchna was 20 when he started a software company that now has 350 employees in 15 offices around the world.

Lucid Software’s Next Growth Opportunity

This SaaS company with more than 15 million users and $100+ million in venture funding is expanding its product set, introducing a new pricing model, and beefing up its integrations for future growth.

SaaS Contract Terms That Prevent Common Auto-Renewal Payment Issues
By Dean Kaplan

If auto-renewal is best for you and your customers, why does it so frequently result in payment problems?

3 Big Lies In VC Financing
By Jay Valentine

Jay Valentine offers a brutally honest outlook at taking on outside investors.

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Profiting Through Software Usage Analytics
White Paper | Revulytics

In this white paper, we demonstrate how the use of software usage analytics can significantly strengthen your overall license compliance strategy, and improve its effectiveness.