Newsletter | May 18, 2021

05.18.21 -- 3 Hacks To Forecast For Your Next Stage Of Funding

3 Hacks To Forecast For Your Next Stage Of Funding

Most startup fundraising advice focuses on having the right metrics to convince investors your business has the potential to scale. While metrics are critical to fundraising success, there’s more to a good business case than just your current numbers: You also need to plan for your next fundraise. That requires an explicit focus on the human element of forecasting, and knowing what makes your company story unique.

What Is The Ideal SaaS Finance Technology Stack?

Quickly reporting on your SaaS metrics, and forecasting your cash, billings, and revenue, are the holy grail to scaling your SaaS business. But what is the right finance stack to put in to produce the data faster and more consistently?

Building The Optimal Finance Tech Stack At Your SaaS Company (Part 1)

A pattern has emerged from your peers on the technology, process, and people to apply in building your finance technology stack at your SaaS firm. How you go about recurring subscription billing, collecting and forecasting cash, managing revenue recognition, and calculating SaaS metrics and financial reporting depends on your business model and growth stage; however, there is a core structure to build upon.

The 100-Day Ramp Plan For Newly Hired SaaS Finance Leaders

You’ve just landed a new job as a finance executive at a young Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. Now what? It’s a crucial question, because what happens over the next few months can make or break your new employer's success — and your own career.

Is Your Software Company Outgrowing QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a great bookkeeping solution for very small, order-centric businesses. But when your business has a variety of billing models or recurring revenue, you’ll start to feel some growing pains as invoices and revenue schedules increase.

Managing Churn And Cash Flow In Your Subscription Model

While we’re all (understandably) focused on the shorter-term implications of COVID-19, it’s important to also have a vision going forward. This panel discussion tackles issues that are especially critical right now around customer-by-customer account evaluations, automation efficiencies, and billing model adjustments. 

SaaS Finance Leaders: 5 Steps To Drive Your Company From Early To Growth Stage

Investors expect you to prove different aspects of your business model at each stage of growth to achieve your next round of funding. This e-book focuses on the early and growth stages. In your early stage, you need to prove your revenue model.