Newsletter | July 27, 2021

07.27.21 -- 3 Tips For Building Your Revenue Recognition

What Is The New Ideal Tech Stack For Finance?

Creating a frictionless customer experience and producing the reporting to guide decisions and investors are the holy grail for the finance teams at fast-growth SaaS companies. But what is the right finance stack to put in to create this environment? 

3 Tips For Building Your Revenue Recognition

For SaaS controllers, it’s overwhelming to understand how to plan for, document, and implement the needed changes of ASC 606 revenue recognition while also keeping up with a growing business. The good news is that compliance with ASC 606 also creates an opportunity to put strategic performance obligations in place across key processes in billing and delivering value to your customers. 

Navigating The New $28.6B Restaurant Revitalization Fund

To help food service operators and the technology solutions providers who serve them, the RSPA has produced a 55-minute video Navigating the New $28.6B Restaurant Revitalization Fund featuring guidance from RSPA General Counsel Jill Miller.

Five Essential Features Every SaaS Startup Needs When Replacing QuickBooks

Tech financial leaders know there are no efficiency hacks for an accounting system that relies on manual processes, spreadsheets, and delayed reporting timeframes. Too often as SaaS and subscription businesses grow, their accounting system and patchwork processes that worked so well in the past are now slowing business growth.