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08.18.17 -- 3 Ways To Keep Your Customer Support Team (And Customers) Happy


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3 Ways To Keep Your Customer Support Team (And Customers) Happy
By Abby Sorensen, software executive magazine

Front Rush keeps its support team, and therefore its customers, happy by preaching and practicing transparency, relying and acting on Net Promoter Score (NPS) data, and proactively finding ways to get customers to contact them more frequently.

Churn Benchmarks For B2B SaaS Companies

SaaS Capital recently published a report on churn benchmarks for B2B SaaS companies. Consistently retaining customers is an important characteristic of any successful SaaS business — here's a look at how your company compares to the industry.

Defining "Channel" For Software Companies
By Dan Chandre, Booker Software

Building a direct sales force is expensive. Driving top-of-funnel leads is expensive and challenging. The answer? Go indirect and embrace the channel. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple.

Web-Exclusive Content
How Software Breaks Into Foreign Markets
By Noriyuki Matsuda, founder and CEO of SOURCENEXT

Getting your software into foreign markets is not as simple as translating and launching in the local market, and many successful companies fumble the launch, leading not only to setbacks in a new market, but also potential brand backlash in the U.S. Here are five tips from a CEO who made his life's work doing it.

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