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10.27.17 -- 5 Software Laws For Smooth Product Development


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Building A 500+ Employee Software Company In 5 Years
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

Toast's entrepreneurial spirit helped it gain market traction and secure $131 million in funding. Steve Fredette, Toast's co-founder and president, sat down with Software Executive to discuss hiring for skills gaps, product iteration, market direction, and why it's important for software companies to embrace an entrepreneurial culture.

5 Software Laws For Smooth Product Development

Making the wrong moves during the development process can cost time and money – and result in bug-ridden, defect-plagued applications. Executives are often removed from the daily ins and outs of software development and execution by necessity. They envision a company's whole trajectory, including long-term projects and goals that will lead to profitability. Even so, executives should consider these five laws to ensure they are firmly in the loop with software development projects, especially in the critical planning phases prior to project kickoff.

Web-Exclusive Content
Software's Only Constant: Disruption
By Margaret Dawson, Red Hat

In the software world, "disruption" has become one of the most well-worn marketing phrases, to the point where it's almost laughable to use it as something other than a punchline. But laugh all we want, disruption is still happening. It didn't stop with the cloud; it didn't stop with consumerization of IT; and it's not stopping after all the innovations of today.

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