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05.01.19 -- 6 Partner Marketing Trends To Be Excited About

Featured Editorial
How BitTitan Built Its Customer Success Team (And More!)
Guest Column | A conversation with Mark Kirstein, BitTitan

Mark Kirstein, vice president, products at BitTitan, took time recently to talk with Software Business Growth about customer success, KPIs, and metrics, as well as offer advice to software companies on how to achieve buy in to the company’s customer-success team’s goals and how to onboard new hires.

Tapping Into Centers Of Influence: Yes? No? When?
Guest Column | By Andrew Z. Brown, Bridgemaker Referral Programs

Tapping into the unique power of COI requires more than access to, and support of, charismatic socially persuasive people who can have an impact on the opinions and behaviors of members of your targeted audiences. Rather, you need to harness those people in a managed and measured COI program built on three core ‘building blocks’: purpose, structure, and capacity.

Software Insights
Best Practices For ISV Integrations With Hardware
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

POS ISVs looking to boost brand recognition often turn to hardware manufacturers to get their solutions to market. Partnerships to integrate ISV solutions with hardware are one of the most effective ways to create a market for your software.

Is Your SaaS Or Subscription Business Outgrowing QuickBooks?
White Paper | SaaSOptics

There are five main reasons B2B SaaS or subscription-based businesses look for alternatives to QuickBooks. But the truth is solutions exist that address each challenge and make it possible to not only delay an ERP but to thrive until the move is right. 

Robin Supports 200% Sales Team Growth With Yesware’s Salesforce Sync
Case Study | Yesware
Robin Powered is a meeting booking system used by companies like Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos to manage reservations of office conference and call rooms. Downloaded on iPads that are mounted outside meeting rooms, Robin helps employees to wrangle last minute rooms, check into pre-scheduled meetings, and avoid double-booking across the team.
Increasing Sales Content ROI And Content Usage With Elekta
Video | Seismic

Kathleen Voboril, director of digital and marketing operations at Elekta, explains how Seismic helped break down internal silos between marketing and sales, leading to better content from marketing and 350 percent more content being used by sales.

6 Partner Marketing Trends To Be Excited About In 2019
Article | By Micro Startups, Allbound

The internet has achieved many things in the business world over what historically amounts to a very small period of time, and all fundamentally through its ability to connect. Consequently, the world of partner marketing has seen its opportunities increase exponentially. Let’s take a look at six partner marketing trends that should prove exciting this year.

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