Newsletter | January 17, 2020

01.17.20 -- 6 Tech M&A Myths & Misconceptions

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Serious About Customer Success? Your CRM Is Not Enough!
  Article | By Alexander Weihmann, ChurnZero

CRMs have transformed what companies can do with their relationships, data, and the execution of their objectives. That said, avoid falling into the trap of using your CRM as a Swiss army knife; you’re only as good as the tools you use.

Avoiding Sales Channel Conflict: 7 Software Experts Weigh In
  Article | By Abby Sorensen, Software Business Growth

Selling more software through indirect channels sounds nice in theory, until you start thinking about the headaches it can cause between your direct reps and those partners.

6 Tech M&A Myths & Misconceptions
  Article | By Jim Perkins, Software Business Growth

Far too many software and IT companies are not calibrating their value in the current M&A market. One of the main reasons is that they believe in myths and misconceptions. Here are six of the major ones.