Newsletter | November 3, 2017

11.03.17 -- 7 Lessons Learned From Building A Reseller Program


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7 Lessons Learned From Building A Reseller Program
By Kevin Kogler, MicroBiz

Like many startups, MicroBiz initially subscribed to the "build it and they will come" theory when developing our product. After launching our new product and gaining traction with early adopters organically, it came to a crossroad. MicroBiz could either go direct and invest marketing dollars in SEO and online advertising, or invest in growing and strengthening a reseller channel.

Playbook For Growing A Software Sales Team From 0-50
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

This software company expanded to the U.S. and grew 1,700 percent in 18 months. Finding new office space is easy. Hiring 50 sales reps within a year, quickly scaling U.S. operations, and achieving a 150 percent growth rate in a new market takes some skill. VP of Sales David Duncan shares a step-by-step playbook for sales success that any software company can learn from.

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What Gaming Technology Tells Us About Every Product's UX
By Giancarlo Di Vece, Unosquare

Gamification, the application of using game thinking and game-design elements in a non-entertainment context in order to improve an outcome, is being utilized more than ever. When users feel as though they are active participants, it encourages more engagement and personal investment in the outcome. Gaming technology has played a substantial role in creating products and systems that respond profoundly to a user's needs and has become a significant philosophy behind countless projects.

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