Newsletter | August 14, 2019

08.14.19 -- 7 Steps For Dealing With SaaS Outages

Featured Editorial
How To Recruit For Your Centers Of Influence
Guest Column | By Andrew Z. Brown, Bridgemaker Referral Programs

Building your COI program means harnessing the skills and motivations of people who will enthusiastically build the strength and reputation of you, your company, your product, and your brand.

Data Security Best Practices For Using Third-Party Vendors
Guest Column | By Geoff Grow, Service Objects

Nearly two-thirds of data breaches are connected at some level to third parties. But it is still your business name and reputation that is at risk when your data is breached, whether by accident or intentional crime.

Software Insights
Best Practices For ISV Integrations With Hardware
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Teaming with hardware vendors allows ISVs to become active participants in the retail ecosystem and gain a good understanding of the channels, the players, and the value that retail-specific hardware brings to retailers.

How ISVs Benefit From Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions
Article | EVO Payments

A semi-integrated approach to EMV for an ISV or VAR means they are able to avoid going through the full certification process on their own. This saves the partner money, time, and allows for a quick deployment to market. 

Disruptive Innovation: 3 Keys To Prepare Your Organization
Guest Column | By Ashish Vatsal and Jesse Burns, Point B

To lay the groundwork for disruptive innovation within your organization, following are three foundational imperatives.

How Usage Intelligence Helps Modernize Applications In Half The Time
Case Study | Revulytics

Learn how CNC Software quickly and cost-effectively revamped an old user interface to fully reflect the needs of today’s users — and tomorrow’s.

How The Subscription Paradigm Flips The Cloud Financials Market
Article | By David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.

The shift from orders to subscriptions might not sound earthshaking on the surface, but as Sage Intacct's David Appel explains, it's changing the entire cloud financials market.

Yesware Gives Fundbox Back 1 Hour/Rep/Day
Case Study | Yesware

When you’re evaluating a sales acceleration tool, you need to understand your reps’ capacity and look at technology as a means to do more with less.

Leadership Lessons
The Startup Lifecycle: How To Win At Each Stage
By Sergey Kizyan, Intetics

The secret to becoming a successful startup lies in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and overcoming all the obstacles you will face along your journey. Preparation is key. Having the right help from the right people at the right time is the magic bullet.

7 Steps For Dealing With SaaS Outages
By Tim Burke, Spoke

As an IT manager, what are we supposed to do when the unthinkable happens? Don’t feel helpless, don’t just throw up your hands — instead, take it on head-first and do the following.