Newsletter | June 6, 2019

06.06.19 -- 7 Ways Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing Stack

7 Ways Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing Stack

Software marketers use a dizzying array of powerful tools to reach, educate, and convert prospects, but they need to be more precise with their targeting and messaging. Adding software usage analytics to your marketing stack will supercharge your campaigns and deliver results that impact the bottom line.

Build Or Buy? Key Considerations In Implementing Software Usage Analytics

Development teams are challenged to build increasingly competitive products, but they must overcome difficult tradeoffs to do so. They must prioritize a mounting backlog of new feature requests, balance innovation with maintenance, manage growing technical debt, improve quality and usability, accelerate delivery, and reduce cost — all at the same time.

5 Quick Wins To Get Started With Software Usage Analytics

Even if you’re brand new to software usage analytics you can start seeing results quickly. You and your team can gain valuable, game-changing insights that reduce assumptions about your users’ behavior and bring knowledge into your decision making processes.

A Product Manager’s Guide To In-App Messaging

Leveraging anonymous usage data with contextual in-app messages is a better way to engage with your users. By delivering the right message to the right user at the right time, it can dramatically help drive adoption of key features, increase conversion rates, and retain existing customers. All across the customer lifecycle, in-app messages can deliver a better customer experience for better business results.