Article | August 6, 2019

A Better Way To Fight Software Piracy

Source: Revulytics

By Joseph Noonan, Revulytics

Michigan Pilot Program Uses Multifactor Authentication To Fight Online Services Fraud

If you’re in the software industry, then you already know that piracy is big business. The BSA recently estimated the commercial value of unlicensed software to be $46.3 billion (be sure to read 2018 Revulytics Software Piracy Statistics and Thoughts on the BSA Global Software Survey, too).

It’s no surprise, then, that many software vendors think that stopping piracy is one of the best ways to protect software revenues. That’s why so many companies have implemented complex solutions to attack the problem, including everything from aggressive licensing to software protection.

Unfortunately, going too far with these tactics can ultimately end up annoying your customers more than they deter the hacker - a lose/lose proposition that can sink your company. That’s why it may be time to completely rethink how we fight software piracy. While anti-piracy measures have their place, it may be more useful (and lucrative) to turn the model on its head and consider a layered approach that leverages usage analytics.