Guest Column | December 10, 2018

A BI Software Company's Podcast Marketing Playbook

By Nicole Hitner

Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Last year, with a scant six months of content marketing experience under my belt and absolutely no background in radio or audio production, I recorded my company’s first-ever proprietary podcast episode. I wrote about why in part one of this series. Here, though, I’d like to focus on how we got started so that those of you interested in establishing your own business podcasts can have a template to work from. This playbook is by no means an exhaustive step-by-step but will nevertheless help guide your process.

Step 1: Design Your Episodes

An important, albeit obvious, first step. Think about your podcast’s intended audience, which may be your market or a subset thereof, as you determine what format you’d like your podcast to have, whether it will be serial or episodic, how long the episodes will be, what topics you envision covering, whether you’d like to include music or other non-vocal sound, who would make an ideal guest, whether or not episodes will be segmented into sections, what you want to call the podcast, etc.

I strongly encourage you to consider a format that accommodates guest speakers for the reasons outlined in part oneof this series, but don’t hesitate to try something less conventional, as it will make you stand out from the crowd! Once you have a plan, it’s time to execute.