Article | December 7, 2021

A Unicorn's Path To Predictable Forecasting – The Expel Story

By David Appel, Head of Software & SaaS at Sage Intacct

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For many startups, becoming a unicorn is the dream! And we will all agree that living the dream oftentimes require a lot of work planning and laying the groundwork. In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is especially true for businesses that are proactive about setting themselves up for success by having the right tools and systems in place to make more informed decisions. The accuracy of this fact is further reinforced in an interview with Expel, the 2021 Sage Intacct, SaaS Industry Customer of the Year. Zach Blaine, CPA and Corporate Controller, reflects on Expel’s journey from unscalable disparate systems and Google sheets to the serenity and efficiency of the ideal FinOps tech stack that leverages Sage Intacct.

Expel has an amazing story to tell on making the leap from reactive to predictive – and using business intelligence to change their fate.  “We have had success stories over the past year reinforcing the value of accurately budgeting and forecasting.” Zach said. “For example, earlier this year, our early leading indicators identified we may not achieve one of the financial goals we had set for ourselves. With this forward visibility and knowing the levers we could pull, we changed our destiny and demonstrated we can predictably hit our numbers.”

What’s fascinating about Expel’s path to scaling for growth and building predictability and consistency is their TRAAC to getting there. If you are part of our inner circle (as you should be), you already know what we mean by TRAAC, but if you aren’t, it’s the value you get from having the most complete FinOps tech stack with:

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