Case Study

Adding Sales Automation Frees Up 4,200 Hours/Month For Mimeo

Source: Yesware
Adding Sales Automation Frees Up 4,200 Hours/Month For Mimeo


Mimeo is an innovative online managed content distribution and printing provider. The company’s global footprint and cloud-based platform provides customers with the simplest way to create, manage, and distribute the content and materials they rely on to do business.


Sending efforts into a black hole bred frustration

Mimeo’s VP of Sales was frustrated — and so was the rest of the team. They wanted their time back and they needed insight where they had none.

Reps were spending the majority of each day sending emails with no idea what was happening after they pressed “send.” There was a lot of watching and waiting. Leadership lacked insight and managers had no way to coach their reps. Instead, they were tasked with pressing the team to manually update their records in Salesforce.

Mimeo’s 105 reps were experiencing inefficiencies and a major administrative burden. Each day, they were entering prospecting data into Salesforce and writing and re-writing sales emails based on gut and replies in their inboxes. Everyone was hungry for a better way to know whether, when, and on what device prospects were engaging. That, and they wanted a platform for consistent, measurable, shareable email templates that would allow reps to continuously improve the effectiveness of their emails.