Newsletter | May 6, 2020

05.06.20 -- Advice For Working With Resellers

Software Insights
Transforming A Global SaaS Business With Data And Automation

I recently had the chance to sit down with Pete Tantillo, CFO and COO, and Elliot Goldman, finance director for RapidRatings, a provider of sophisticated analysis of the financial health of public and private companies around the world.

Advice For Working With Resellers

Working with resellers can be an effective way for ISVs to scale the distribution of their software. The vendors that play a role in the channel ecosystem can help ISVs build more sustainable and profitable relationships with resellers. Dan Viscount — SVP and co-general manager, IPOS Division at EVO — recently spoke with The Business Solutions Network about this and more.

Leadership Lessons
B2B Sales Absurdity: Take Your Child To Work—Explain What You Do!

B2B sales, particularly tech sales, has been reduced to a theater of absurdities that no longer seems preposterous because it has become conventional wisdom. When everyone takes precisely the same actions, with declining success to the point of almost universal failure, absurdity becomes an unchallenged habit.

Peter Wolf: How To Build Services-As-A-Service

For IT solutions providers, the shift to the cloud and SaaS is more than just a product sales transformation. It is an opportunity for a services transformation as well.

BI Roadblock #3: Overburdened Analysts

Large enterprises often leave the majority of reporting tasks to business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists who furnish incoming requests using a ticketing system. Unlike SaaS IT teams, BI analyst teams are hired to build reports for others — but that doesn’t mean they can’t also become overburdened.

Your Annual Customer Health Checkup Is Overdue. You Just Don’t Know It.

How satisfied are your merchants with your customer service? The answer is you only know what they’ve told you directly. And because they’re polite like most of us, you likely have a blind spot to their actual feelings and could be at risk of losing them to a competitor. I’ve been working with VAR and ISV executives who have been surprised by what their merchants have told them through the RSPA’s Customer Health Checkup survey.