Newsletter | January 10, 2020

01.10.20 -- Are Customer Experience & Customer Success They The Same?

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Inside The Acquisition Of A 10-Year-Old Startup
Article | By Abby Sorensen

The aftermath of the CaterTrax acquisition proves software companies can find long-term solutions without needing headline-grabbing, VC-backed exits.

Shortlist Qualifications For Sales Enablement Solutions
Article | By Matt Ellis, Seismic

The sales enablement industry has reached the point where there are many different vendors that offer some unique tools and features. It can be difficult to sort through all the vendors and determine what’s the best fit for your organization. This task is made even more difficult when you realize that investing in a sales enablement solution is a huge step for any organization. It will impact many different stakeholders, reallocate resources, and upend traditional processes.

Scaling The Land-And-Expand Subscription Management Model
Article | By David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.

Many growth-stage SaaS companies have embraced the “land-and-expand” subscription business model to win an initial customer and then add value over time that allows for upselling additional products and features. But that creates a strong need to balance both volume and repeatability in automating their processes. Here’s how one company has achieved 100-percent growth using that model.

Change Management In Action: Exploring Influitive’s Turnaround
Article | By Mark Organ, Influitive

This marketing software company orchestrated a huge turnaround after implementing the OKR goal-setting process for its 125+ employees.

Are Customer Experience & Customer Success The Same?
  Article | By Michael Harnum, ChurnZero

At the end of the day, customer experience is focused on creating a positive experience while customer success is focused on achieving continued success. A seasoned VP of product and customer success helps explain the difference.