Newsletter | January 22, 2020

01.22.20 -- Are Customer Experience & Customer Success They The Same?


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Software Insights
5 Steps For SaaS Companies To Automate Revenue Management
Podcast | Sage Intacct, Inc.

A contract-based financial solution provides a single system of record across the subscription lifecycle. Imagine trading your spreadsheets for a single financial solution to manage and automate billing, revenue recognition, forecasting, and SaaS metrics.

Are Customer Experience & Customer Success The Same?
  Article | By Michael Harnum, ChurnZero

At the end of the day, customer experience is focused on creating a positive experience while customer success is focused on achieving continued success. A seasoned VP of product and customer success helps explain the difference.

Leadership Lessons
How To Build A Modern Partner Program
Guest Column | By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting

As technological innovation continues to disrupt the market, new types of partners are emerging. Partner programs must adapt and evolve to stay relevant in the modern partner ecosystem.

Why Do SaaS Companies Waste 95% Of Their Marketing Dollars?
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

Companies focus on what their VPs know, not what prospects need.

Considerations For Implementing A Subscription Software Model
Guest Column | By Cris Wendt, Flexera

As you implement a framework for moving to subscription, thoughtful consideration of your needs — and your customers’ — are important parts of the plan. Wherever you are in the transition process, understanding the keys to an effective implementation will help ensure the success of your initiatives.

Why Customer Onboarding Is Crucial In B2B SaaS
Guest Column | By Eric Harrington, TeamSupport

Defined as the process of familiarizing a new customer or client with one’s products or services, onboarding is a very important part of the customer’s experience with your business. Beyond happy customers, a successful onboarding team can improve overall satisfaction and ultimately reduce customer churn.

Top 3 CEO Reflections On Software 2019/2020
Guest Column | By René van Erk, ISVWorld

At ISVWorld, we have had a rollercoaster year ending on a high; we hope yours is ending well too! As the year closes, I am sharing my reflections on three areas that stand out when looking back and looking forward.