Article | July 24, 2018

Avoiding The Summertime Lull: Why Mentoring Your Team Is Critical To Keeping Production Up Year-Round

Source: Predictable Revenue

By Collin Stewart, CEO, Predictable Revenue


It’s a simple, but effective, equation for growing a company: good months make good quarters, and good quarters make good years.

Of course, a lot goes into those months, and quarters, to make them good. Sales teams, in particular, have to execute on a number of different fronts – relentless prospecting, effective calls, tailored demos, skilled negotiation – to help make that a reality.

But it’s the consistency illustrated in the above statement that makes it a critical lesson for any sales team. The only way to deliver consistent results is to always push – every month, every quarter, and, ultimately, every year. Sales, like it or not, is a constant practice.