Article | August 27, 2018

Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

Source: First American Payment Systems
Weighing Scale Balance

Know what makes a new customer want to stay with you? Hint – it’s not the software.

Long-term retention is linked to the impression you leave in those first few days and weeks after signing a new customer.

What was their first experience with your platform? When a support issue arose, what was the good, bad and ugly of how it was handled? Should they have an issue that needs to be escalated, do they know how that works and, equally important, will they remember it when the time comes?

These are the lightning fast moments that can shape a customer’s long-lasting impression of not only who you are as a software provider, but who you’ve chosen to partner with, and whether the “value” promised in the sales process is worth their perceived hassle. From there, it’s a short leap to “We’re canceling our contract.”

Avoiding this bleak fate really isn’t that difficult. It’s all in how you handle customer support, making sure the process is seamless not only for your software customers, but also for every partner with whom you work.

First American Payment Systems