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Best-In-Class Financial Metrics Drive Smarter Decisions And More Confident Board Meetings

Source: SaaSOptics
How To Use Accountability And Metrics To Measure The Success Of Your CMO Partnership

As co-founder of a successful private equity firm, Ben Robinson has a passion for rolling up his sleeves to help grow and build businesses. Throughout his work with growing businesses, he noticed an increasingly common challenge facing most small business owners today – the lack of good financial data and metrics.

Both Ben and his longtime business partner and co-founder, Dave Robinson, have deep domain experience in roles ranging from bookkeeper to Chairman of the Board, so they felt well equipped to help businesses efficiently generate, present and consume financial data for better decision-making. In 2014, they founded Driven Insights and today, bring expertise on a fractional basis to growing businesses, managing finance departments remotely and using financial information as a strategic tool to drive growth, generate new revenues and increase profitability.