Article | February 6, 2019

Best Time To Send Email: A Matter Of When And Where

Source: Yesware

By Richard Ng, Yesware

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When is the best time to send email?

In an analysis of about 30 million cold emails sent by Yesware users, we found that about 58% of them go unopened.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably finding ways to most effectively reach your contacts. No matter the relationship, it’s safe to say that the delivery of every email matters.

Whatever the nature of your emails, chances are they will be addressed to people that live in cities with different time zones and work cultures.

You could be emailing someone when they’re:

  1. Sleeping 
  2. Eating 
  3. Busy at work 

If you catch them at the wrong time you risk never hearing from them again.

The reality of the situation is that sending an email at the right time is less about ourselves and more about 1) who we’re emailing and 2) where they are.

Let’s talk through how we are working to make sure your emails get to the right person at the right time by utilizing the best time to send emails.