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11.17.17 -- Building A 500+ Employee Software Company In 5 Years


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ISVs are the life blood of solutions-based distribution, which BlueStar pioneered in our technologies. Created to meet the needs of channel ISV partners, ISV Connect is BlueStar's program designed to foster the channel's ecosystem. Participating ISVs benefit by connecting to top channel hardware and reseller companies, conducting proven end-user demand campaigns, building out a reseller network, and participating in the channel's premier events. Come see how ISV Connect can be your Channel API.

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Building A 500+ Employee Software Company In 5 Years
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

Toast's entrepreneurial spirit helped it gain market traction and secure $131 million in funding. Steve Fredette, Toast's co-founder and president, sat down with Software Executive to discuss hiring for skills gaps, product iteration, market direction, and why it's important for software companies to embrace an entrepreneurial culture.

Why Do Software Companies Struggle With Hiring?
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

Hiring keeps coming up over and over again when I ask software executives about their top business challenges. When I typed "software engineer" into the search bar in late August, the results showed 202,540 open positions. Amazon was responsible for 5,164 of these listings, and Microsoft was a distant second at 1,782. Let that sink in for a moment – those two companies alone are hiring nearly 7,000 developers.

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6 Takeaways From A Software M&A Expert
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive

Ivan Ruzic has built and sold multiple software companies throughout his 30+ year software career, and he's held virtually every senior executive position at both startups and mature companies. He is a VP with the Corum Group, an M&A advisory firm that works exclusively with software and tech companies. Ruzic delivered a keynote address at the ISV Insights conference in Philadelphia about building a software company with the end in mind. Here are six takeaways from his presentation.

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