Newsletter | October 2, 2019

10.02.19 -- Building A Channel Program For Cloud-First Software Business Growth

Software Insights
How A CRM Sidebar Solution Supported 200% Sales Team Growth At Robin
Case Study | Yesware

When Robin Powered's sales enablement tool was found lacking they recognized that it was time for change — especially with plans for growth.

Are Ethics Dead In B2B Marketing And Sales?
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

Creative sales and marketing are always welcomed by customers. Tricking them may work once, but it never creates buyers; it creates irritated victims.

Why Usage Data Is Essential For Embedding “Voice Of The Customer” In Your Agile Development Process
Case Study | Revulytics

How a software company with 100,000+ users eliminated costly customer surveys, home-grown data sources, and unnecessary reporting tools — and started saving $10,000 to $20,000 per release in QA costs — by implementing Revulytics usage data.

3 Key Ingredients For Channel Marketing Success
Guest Column | By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting

Just because you build an awesome partner program with super-cool channel marketing tools, it doesn’t mean your partners will be running out of the cornfields to use them.

How The Right Healthcare Payment Methods Can Help You Sell Software To Providers
Article | EVO Payments

Integrating a feature-rich payments solution with the healthcare software application you develop can multiply the value you can provide to your clients and prospects.

Leadership Lessons
Building A Channel Program For Cloud-First Software Business Growth
By Katie Horvath, Naveego

For cloud-first software businesses, channel programs drive scalability and growth. However, for a cloud-first software business, this option might be neglected despite being a great growth driver.

In Case You Missed It
New Auto-Renewal Laws SaaS Companies Need To Know
Guest Column | By Dean Kaplan, The Kaplan Group

Many clients feel taken advantage of by auto-renewal arrangements that they do not completely understand. In response to these concerns, several states have recently passed new laws that more clearly define the limits and expectations of auto-renewal contracts. If your business uses auto-renewal, you should become familiar with some of these newer laws.

Experience Self-Service With Elo
BlueStar, Inc.
Datasheet: Series 4000 Cash Drawer
APG Cash Drawer, LLC