E-Book | January 16, 2019

Building A Marketing Technology Stack

Source: Seismic
Services Marketing: You Can’t Build A Strong Marketing Strategy On A Weak Foundation

The list of technologies that enterprise-level organizations leverage continues to grow.

Each department has platforms that are essential to their jobs. Seemingly, a new technology emerges every day that purports to change the game and unlock the next level of performance.

Marketing is no different. The technology landscape is increasingly crowded. This crowding can make it difficult to ascertain what categories of platforms are necessary, and which solutions within those categories are the best of the bunch. But, the fact that there are an endless amount of platforms to choose from has not slowed Marketing’s spending on technology. Gartner has predicted that CMOs will spend more money on technology than CIOs in 2017. And IDC estimates that $32.3 billion will be spent on marketing technology by 2018.

With such a serious investment being made in marketing technology it’s necessary for organizations to have a deep understanding of the landscape. These platforms are crucial to Marketing’s success, and it is no longer viable to pick and choose solutions on an ad hoc basis. Many of these solutions integrate with one another and so it is of the utmost importance that an organization’s technology stack is calibrated to provide the best possible results.