Newsletter | July 26, 2019

07.26.19 -- Building Software Vs. Building A Company

Featured Magazine Content
Ask The Board: Marketing Security Practices And Processes
Q&A with Software Executive magazine board members

How can security practices and processes be leveraged as a differentiator? Editorial board member Mark Sokol, VP of marketing at Liongard, explains.

What The Navy Taught This Software CEO About Leadership
By Tom Schoen

Tom Schoen worked for the U.S. Navy as a civilian for 11 years, including during the first Gulf War. Those years were full of change, pressure, and growth, and it had a big impact on the leadership style he uses today.

The 4 Vital Signs Of SaaS
Infographic | Scale Venture Partners

Rory O’Driscoll, partner at Scale Venture Partners, said, "Vital signs don’t cure patients, doctors do. SaaS vital signs don’t fix companies, management teams do. But realistic benchmarking metrics do what ER vital signs do: pinpoint issues, provide actionable context, and allow you to get to work.”

Building Software Vs. Building A Company
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

This tweet has stuck with me for many weeks. "What I thought we were building: a SOFTWARE company. What we’re actually building: a software COMPANY."

Web-Exclusive Content
The Right Way To Calculate 3 Critical SaaS KPIs
Podcast | Exago BI

Did you know there are 43 different ways to calculate churn? Should you count customers by contract, for example, or by logo? Should you keep your eye on both counts, and if so, to what end? We explore these and other nuances around summarizing SaaS performance.

Understanding The Role Of SaaS At Modern Businesses
Article | By WIPFLI via Sage Intacct

The speed of business continues to increase, companies face new threats from competitors, and those businesses who fall behind feel the pain. Add to this higher-than-ever customer expectations, compliance concerns nationally and globally, and ongoing threats from cybercriminals, and you may feel like it’s harder to operate than ever.