Article | November 2, 2018

Channel Enablement Definition – What Is Channel Enablement?

Source: Seismic
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Channel Enablement Definition

A channel enablement definition is: utilizing resources to ensure that channel sellers have all the tools they need to be successful—and that the organization can track the success of their efforts—to increase operational efficiency and improve alignment. What is channel enablement exactly? Channel enablement has emerged as a leading concern for organizations that rely heavily on partners to sell and market their products and services.

That channel enablement definition encompasses a lot of different activities and resources that can be utilized to improve a channel selling effort. The easiest way to sort out the complicated ins-and-outs of channel enablement is to break it down into the problems that can occur and then the results that come from engaging in a channel enablement strategy.

Problems Channel Enablement Solves

Embarking on a channel selling—or partner selling strategy—necessarily comes from a place of lacking. That lacking could be resources, time, knowledge, access, or any number of other things. Channel sellers grant an organization a route into an area they want to go, while reducing the hassle. An organization could engage in a partner selling agreement to enter a new geographic region, make inroads to a different market/industry segment, or to leverage the channel sellers existing relationships.