Newsletter | September 29, 2017

09.29.17 -- Churn Benchmarks For B2B SaaS Companies


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At ISVinsights events, sessions address the key decisions most relevant to managing your software business. The program is thoughtfully curated to expose challenges and address opportunities to help you run a more profitable software company. Interactive panel discussions and peer-to-peer networking are hallmarks of this event. Upcoming event: October 12, 2017, at Philadelphia City Avenue.

Featured Magazine Content
3 Ways To Keep Your Customer Support Team (And Customers) Happy
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive magazine

Front Rush keeps its support team, and therefore its customers, happy by preaching and practicing transparency, relying and acting on Net Promoter Score (NPS) data, and proactively finding ways to get customers to contact them more frequently.

Churn Benchmarks For B2B SaaS Companies

SaaS Capital recently published a report on churn benchmarks for B2B SaaS companies. Consistently retaining customers is an important characteristic of any successful SaaS business — here's a look at how your company compares to the industry.

Why Your Technology Stack Matters
By Yonas Beshawred, StackShare

From attracting developer talent to impressing investors, your stack is a representation of your business.

Web-Exclusive Content
Scaling Your Culture When Your Headcount Grows 200%
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive

Cloud-based restaurant software company Toast Inc. was founded in 2012 and has already grown to more than 500 employees. This kind of growth requires much more than finding a bigger office. Toast co-founder and CEO Steve Fredette explains how this growth has required a conscious effort to continually adapt the company's culture.

Attracting & Retaining Engineering Talent: Advice From An ISV Executive With 350+ Engineers
By Giancarlo Di Vece, Unosquare

With over 2,000 successfully completed projects, 350 plus engineers, and 84 active distributed teams, Unosquare has been able to hire and retain top engineering talent, a challenge all software companies face. This ISV's president sat down with ISVinsights to discuss managing and evaluating engineers, balancing soft skills versus technical skills, and the role of culture plays in attracting and retaining talent.

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