Article | September 27, 2019

CSM Confidential – Part 1: Difficult Customer Conversations

Source: ChurnZero

By Cori Pearce, ChurnZero

Speaking meeting

Being a Customer Success Manager is difficult enough. 

Based upon the premise that customer support should be more proactive than reactive, the value of Customer Success cannot be understated. Between responsibilities like onboarding, advocacy, upsells and renewals, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) have cemented themselves as drivers of corporate growth. 

That said, thriving in this relatively new discipline is not always easy. Between difficult customers, a lack of executive buy-in and other challenges, being a CSM isn’t always a walk in the park. Wondering how CSMs really feel about some of the intricacies of working in CS?  

Continue on to read the first installment of CSM Confidential – where real-world Customer Success practitioners give their unfiltered responses to some of the most challenging, frustrating and cringeworthy situations that every CSM experiences. 

The Customer is Always Right, Right? 

As the adage goes, The Customer Is Always Right. But are they actually? According to two CSMs, the majority of the time, the customer is indeed right. While this isn’t always the case, (missed deadlines or a lack of adoption), it’s important to hear out customer concerns. Sometimes you’ll even have put your foot down in order to position your customer for success.