Article | March 27, 2018

Customer Success And The Added Value Of Payments

Source: First American Payment Systems
Optimizing M&A Integration For Customer Success: The CMO Perspective

Bill Lodes, executive vice president of business development & strategy at First American Payment Systems sat down with ISVinsights to discuss how payment processing offers value beyond recurring revenue and talks about how it can also help ISVs build stickier relationships with their customers.

How can payments help form stickier relationships between ISVs and their customers?

Payments are an easy and attractive feature to bundle with your ISV offering.

For customers, payment processing is one of the most fundamental aspects of running their business. When it’s integrated within your platform, you’re adding a differentiator that commands their attention. Your solution becomes a vital part of their day-to-day operations.

Suddenly, it gets easier to sell against a standalone terminal mentality. Disparate systems are less of a threat, even if they were there first.

Of course, that’s just the starting point. To achieve sustained customer loyalty, your integrated payments solution has to deliver on its promise.

Enter integrated payments.

This embeds secure, omni-channel payments acceptance within your software functionality. Transactions are funded faster, creating happier clients.

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