Article | March 13, 2019

Data And Personalization: The Shape Of Marketing In 2019

Source: Seismic

By Matt Ellis, Seismic

Data Analytics

Oh, hello there. Welcome to 2019. Have you emerged from your cocoon of holiday warmth? Judging by the leftover cookie crumbs on your face, the answer to that question appears to be “sort of.” No matter, the year is off to a blistering start as it always is in the world of sales and marketing. Perhaps you’re still wrapping up plans for the new year, or maybe you’ve hit the ground running right away. Wherever you are to kick off 2019 there are some trends you need to be aware of to be fully prepared.

Before we ticked over into the new year, ran through a list of upcoming trends in the marketing space for 2019. It’s an instructive look at where we stand as we start the year, and will serve you well in your thinking for approaching the year.

Data, Data, and More Data

If there’s one takeaway from this decade (the 2010’s? the 10’s? twenty-tens? We need to workshop some better names) it’s that data rules everything—for better and worse. We kicked off this decade by opening the floodgates of data, more became available than ever before. It has taken to the end of the decade to realize the ramifications of this amount of information being available. We’ve gone from the Wild West of data to the handling of sensitive information becoming more scrutinized than ever.

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