Newsletter | September 15, 2017

09.15.17 -- Defining "Channel" For Software Companies


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Featured Magazine Content
Defining "Channel" For Software Companies
By Dan Chandre, Booker Software

Building a direct sales force is expensive. Driving top-of-funnel leads is expensive and challenging. The answer? Go indirect and embrace the channel. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple.

Executive Profile: Lattice, Inc.
By Brian Schwarz, Lattice Inc.

The president of a healthcare software company talks changes in customer demands, vertical opportunities, and millennials.

Ask The Board: What One Metric Keeps You Up At Night?

See what the founder and president of MicroBiz, CEO of ServicePower, and SVP at Corum Group have to say. Each month members of our editorial advisory board will weigh in on the topics software companies care most about.

Web-Exclusive Content
Software Strategic Inflection Points
By Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia Business School

Ivy League professor Rita Gunther McGrath sat down with ISVinsights to share her advice for software companies on long-term strategy, selling products to enterprise users, failure analysis, and lessons learned from companies outside of the software world.

Cost, Culture, And Your Next Office Move
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive

Read why a software company that has grown 1,700 percent in 18 months didn't want to set up shop in a traditional U.S. tech hub.

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