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04.24.19 -- Essential Metrics For SaaS Startup Success

Featured Editorial
Essential Metrics For Startup Success
Guest Column | By Bonnie Crater, Full Circle Insights

To manage for growth in the software environment, metrics are necessary so you can ensure your company is meeting the criteria for startup success. Here’s an overview of what metrics to look for in three key functional areas — marketing, sales, and service — to gauge the health of your company.

Why We Hired A Cartoonist And Hollywood Script Writer Before A VP Of Marketing
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

B2B marketing is dead today, killed by a total lack of innovation, imagination, and style. So, if one is taking a disruptive product to market, what does one do?

Software Insights
Moving Beyond Quickbooks
Case Study | Sage Intacct, Inc.

Take a look at these eight Sage Intacct customers who have achieved success including Bitly, DataXu, DonosChoose, and more.

SaaS: Built To Last Or Built To Lose? The Growing Opportunity For On-Premise Vendors
Article | Revulytics

What is the true demand for enterprise SaaS applications? And if demand isn’t what it seems, what’s the true profitability of SaaS vendors?

5 Signs Your SaaS Application Needs Embedded BI
Article | By Nicole Hitner, Exago BI

If you’re a SaaS provider, your end users are guaranteed to be great at three things: generating data, being curious about their data, and complaining loudly when they need reports on that data.

The Cost Of Doing Nothing And The Impact On Your Financial Operations
Article | SaaSOptics

The finance team of a growing company can only handle so much volume before operations break or slow to a crawl. In fact, not investing or delaying an investment in a financial operations platform for your finance team may bottleneck your business with the constant flow of new sales orders, invoices, revenues, contract changes, and renewals.

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