Newsletter | September 2, 2020

09.02.20 -- Everything ISVs Need To Know About Integrated Payments

Software Insights
How Payment Residuals Can Impact The Bottom Line

Dan Viscount — SVP and co-general manager, IPOS Division at EVO — recently spoke with Software Business Growth about recurring revenue. Specifically, Dan discussed how recurring revenue can result in a more profitable exit when it comes time to sell your software company.

Bessemer’s Cloud Industry Update For CFOs With Byron Deeter
David Appel, head of software and SaaS at Sage Intacct, spoke with Byron Deeter about the cloud report, as well as the updated version of the Six C’s of Cloud Finance, including a new metric of the cash conversion score.
Everything ISVs Need To Know About Integrated Payments

ISVs and developers have a lot on their plate when it comes to anticipating their clients’ needs. Everything from onboarding processes to regulatory compliance requires careful attention, meaning less obvious details can occasionally fall through the cracks.

3 Keys To Preparing Sales And Marketing Teams For Success Next Year

COVID-19 has turned many businesses upside down and hit pause on many of the growth aspirations companies had set at the start of the year. While there is still plenty of uncertainty ahead, if you want to be prepared for a successful upcoming year, you need to start the planning process now to achieve your goals.

Women’s Equality Day Reflects On 100 Years Of Women’s Efforts, Achievements

In 1971, Congress declared August 26 Women’s Equality Day, and this year, we spoke with a few women experts in tech to discuss the obstacles they’ve faced as women working in this industry. Along with their experiences, the women below offer advice on overcoming barriers and remark on what Women’s Equality Day means to them.