Guest Column | February 16, 2021

7 Factors To Add To Your Checklist For A Choosing Channel Manager

By Karan Iyer, Aiosell

Executive checklist

Hotel channel manager software is the backbone of your inventory management system. The booking of your rooms from various platforms depends on it. You will need software that suits your working pattern and administration. But there are some essential criteria for selecting a channel manager for your hotel. We are listing here seven significant factors of a functional channel manager. These factors can act as a benchmark for you in selecting the correct hotel channel manager software.

  1. Flexibility, Speed & Connectivity

It would be best to look for a technically advanced hotel channel manager. These kinds of software don't need fixed installation on the property. Advanced software is seamless and can work on a cloud-based system. They run at high speed with the API connection and 2-way syncronization. They can handle millions of bookings every day. They also can manage multiple booking platforms at one time.

  1. Global Reach

A resourceful hotel channel management partner should be able to connect you with prominent booking platforms globally. They should liaise with the global distribution system, branded OTAs, websites that link with multiple OTAs, and other essential platforms that attract travellers worldwide. You need to check if there are additional charges for connecting channel partners.

  1. Simplicity

Good hotel channel manager software should provide functionality. Its operating features should be self-explanatory and straightforward. You and your team are going to be on this software for maximum time. Thus, it needs to be user-friendly when it comes to advanced functions like multi-currency payments, reporting and data management, multiple user management, etc.

  1. Incorporation With PMS & Booking Engine

The property management system is also vital for a hotel to run successfully. Your channel manager should be able to integrate well with your PMS and direct booking engine. Your entire hospitality management system needs to align with each other on a real-time basis. A lot of time and energy can be saved by logging in to one software and get updates from multiple platforms.

  1. Centralized Inventory Management

An effective hotel channel manager should provide pooled inventory management. It should enable room booking from different channels, including your website on one platform. So, if a room gets booked from one OTA, it will automatically decrease a room from all other channels' available inventory. It will save the nightmare of double booking and overbooking.

  1. Reports & Data Management

Hotel channel management is not only about room booking management. It should generate useful reports and analyses like OTA-wise revenue, month and quarter-wise revenue, comparison with competitor's revenue, etc. This vital information will help you in strategy building and optimum distribution management.

  1. Training & Support

Your service provider must arrange for product training and support for your staff. They will need guidance to utilize hotel channel manager software efficiently.


Every property has individual operational requirements from a channel manager. But the factors mentioned above are prerequisites for choosing the best one. You can add them to your checklist for shortlisting the hotel channel manager software.

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