Article | May 30, 2018

Give It A REST: Choosing Simple APIs For Payment Integrations

Source: Paragon Payment Solutions
Making The Move To Agile Software Development

Whether you are getting ready to launch a new software product or plugging away on your development roadmap, adding products and new features is a time of great excitement for a company, and one of the details that has to be nailed down in order for your software to be successful in the marketplace is implementing a payment gateway. A payment API integration requires a balance between expediency and effectiveness. Luckily, as a software provider, you have several options that can speed your time to market and offer payments to your customers in days, not months.

Why REST Is Best: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

One payment API for developers that works particularly well for fast payment integration is the REST (Representational State Transfer) API, also known as RESTful API design. REST works over existing protocols, including HTTP, so there is no need to install extra libraries or software to make it work. With REST, each HTTP contains all the information it needs to run, so neither the client nor the server needs to remember a previous “state” to make it function. (That’s developer speak for “it’s easy”.) As a software developer, this gives you greater flexibility and allows you to create a payment API integration that can serve the needs of your different types of customers, increasing your software’s versatility, reliability and scalability. We get it, no single API can meet everyone’s needs; this is why, we at Paragon Payment Solutions, offer both REST APIs and SOAP APIs. We are developers ourselves and realize that developers need options when it comes to integrating to a processing platform or payment gateway.