Case Study

Health Scores And Automation Increase Team Productivity – A Success Story

Source: ChurnZero

Untappd is a growing technology platform that allows consumers to ‘check in’ and share which beers they are currently enjoying. Besides creating a tight-knit community of beer enthusiasts, Untappd’s mobile application allows for tens of thousands of businesses to promote and publish their beverage menus.  By bringing together enthusiasts and businesses, Untappd is advancing the global beverage industry while helping users discover their next great beer. 

The Challenges  

Untappd’s fast–growing CS team struggled to keep up with their increasing userbase. With rapid gains in both user and business accounts, the company sought a dedicated tool that would provide insights into customer health and automate existing processes. 

Untappd’s Challenges included: 

  1. No centralized ‘home-base’ for their CS team to work out of. It was a struggle to keep up with customer data, account history and overall satisfaction. A lack of a centralized workspace increased the chances that client tasks could slip through the cracks. 
  2. There was little guidance and automation when it came to renewal management. The team had no assurance that the right customers were receiving the right messaging at the right times. In some ways outreach felt more reactive than proactive. 
  3. A lack of task management and easily accessible health scores prevented the team from fully harnessing their data. Furthermore, questions surrounded how to best utilize existing customer data when creating health scores.