Article | August 9, 2019

Helping MSPs Drive Value With AI-Enabled IT Service Management

By Satyen Vyas, Symphony SummitAI


Managed service providers (MSPs) are facing increased competition as more vendors get into the space and technological advancements make it easier for many companies to handle their IT in-house. At the same, IT teams are facing increasing pressure to deliver more and more with minimal resources. On top of this, the business model between MSPs and their customers is changing. To help address these challenges, Symphony SummitAI works with our MSP partners to provide AI-enabled IT service management.

How We Bring Value To MSPs

With increased competition in the space, one way that MSPs can stand out from the pack is to provide new and unique offerings that truly deliver enhanced value to their customers. Symphony SummitAI enables MSPs to provide services to its end users to best support its IT and network needs in the form of AI-enabled, consumer-like, 24/7 service desk experience.

Symphony SummitAI provides a better total cost of ownership, which includes flexible licensing options and lower costs of implementation & administration, among other things. By using the SummitAI suite employees can focus efforts on more complex tasks and leave menial tasks to a digital agent assistant. In so doing, the enterprise can help its employees better assist end users by increasing overall employee and customer satisfaction. With our digital agent, CINDE, one of our customers has been able to resolve up to 30 percent of incoming issues automatically.

How It Works

We work with MSPs in several different ways. Sometimes, an MSP has an existing contract that they’re finding difficult to deliver on because their technology is either ancient, frustrating to use or expensive. In this case, we can come in and help replace the underlying toolset with SummitAI. With our unique delivery model we can help MSPs migrate the customer to our technology smoothly without any interruptions.

Other times, when MSPs are taking over a contract from other service providers, usually there is a short runway for onboarding time and six months of onboarding and platform integration could be too long. SummitAI’s rapid deployment approach can help MSPs replace existing tools and processes smoothly with minimal to no disruption of business productivity.

Also, there is an increasing trend toward fixed-price outcome-based contracts. In such scenarios MSPs could leverage SummitAI’s AI enabled digital agent and automation capabilities to reduce the total cost of contract delivery.

The SummitAI platform uses CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine), a digital agent that uses sophisticated natural language processing technologies to understand the intent of an issue, which can correspond to an incident, service request or a query. CINDE can take the place of service desk employees by automating tasks for ticket resolution, which can result in a 45 percent lower total cost of ownership for the organization.

Stewarding ITSM Transformation

Legacy IT management tools are holding back productivity. To meet evolving customer needs, MSPs must keep up with the latest offerings and guide customers toward those that are truly beneficial, necessary and cost-effective. By leveraging our in-depth domain expertise and extensive support, we help our partners add value with incremental professional services, maximizing profits as well as improving revenue. Finding the right partner creates a trickle-down effect of better service, efficiency, end user satisfaction and profitability for all.

Satyen Vyas, Symphony SummitAIAbout The Author

Satyen Vyas is CEO of Symphony SummitAI.