Article | February 13, 2019

Here's How To Set Sales Goals (That Get Results)

Source: UpLead LLC.

By Will Cannon, UpLead

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It’s easy to set quarterly goals for your salespeople. You simply work out what the company needs in revenue this year – and split that into four. Set the goals for your sales team to reach and the company wins. 

Couldn’t be easier, right? 

But then goals are missed. Those amazing profits aren’t realized. And you’re left wondering why.

Truth is, setting more effective goals is the way to reach them. By planning your goals around a few strategic points, you can set goals that aren’t just realistic but are also motivating.

What Are Sales Goals?

Most of us know sales goals as a set number as part of the sales pipeline. Usually revenue.

Make $50k this month and you’ve reached your target. Well done!

But this article will, hopefully, change that perception. You won’t see sales goals or targets as just numbers on a screen anymore.

You’ll see them as individual actions. Because a sale isn’t just a sale. There were calls, demos, emails, etc. that were necessary to get that sale.

So breaking sales down into these individual goals makes for a far more effective target. A more tangible target.

Let’s explore.