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08.11.17 -- High-Tech Software, High-Touch Service


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High-Tech Software, High-Touch Service
By Matt Pillar, Software Executive magazine

How did a home-baked appointment program for mom-and-pop businesses blossom into a tier-one application for international enterprises? Sales savvy and a relentless focus on user experience.

Companies To Watch: Upgrade Inc.
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive magazine

Here's how a young software company is riding the e-commerce tidal wave.

Goldfish, Customers, & Attention Span
By Jessica Dewell, Red Direction and Infusion Principle

Proven product development revolves around three concepts in this order: make it work, make it right, make it fast — and then repeat. The lesson here is how we take product development and mesh it with the ever-rising bar of customer expectations. 


Business of Software is a single-stream conference where numbers are deliberately capped to keep its friendly atmosphere and make sure that networking — as well as the talks — is of the highest quality.

Content is carefully curated, and Joel Spolsky described it as "a conference where every speaker would be a keynote at other events." It takes place in Boston, MA, and brings together like-minded people who are working through the challenges of building and selling software. Past talks are freely available online at

Web-Exclusive Content
6 Takeaways From Corum Group's Software M&A Briefing
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive magazine

Even if you don't ultimately sell your software company, it can still be worthwhile to go through the process of positioning your company to sell. In addition to building key relationships with C-level executives at potential buyers, it will provide invaluable insight about how to refine your business model.

Is Your Software Company Safe From Harassment Allegations?
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive magazine

In today's litigious world, it's especially important for tech companies to maintain the proper documentation of its policies and procedures.


At ISV Insights events, sessions address the key decisions most relevant to managing your software business. The program is thoughtfully curated to expose challenges and address opportunities to help you run a more profitable software company. Interactive panel discussions and peer-to-peer networking are hallmarks of this event. Upcoming event: October 12, 2017 at Philadelphia City Avenue.

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