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12.08.17 -- Hiring Fast To Keep Up With Rapid Cloud Growth


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Hiring Fast To Keep Up With Rapid Cloud Growth
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

Alessandra Lezama was employee number 29 when AbacusNext hired her as CEO in September 2013. In the four years since then, the company has transitioned to the cloud and now has more than 350 employees in its sunny San Diego office. AbacusNext has adopted a mass hiring strategy through open houses. At a recent mass hiring event, 36 candidates showed up, and 14 were hired. research suggests it would take the average company about 333 days — almost a full year — to hire those 14 people. Lezama and her director of talent acquisition share the secrets of their bulk hiring strategy.

To Hire Or Not To Hire In Silicon Valley?
By Jennifer Doskow, Edge Connection Sales Recruiting

Talent does exist outside of the 101 Corridor – and software companies who find it are reaping the benefits. I recently wrote a blog post that went viral on LinkedIn about the shift in Silicon Valley culture, and it has really opened up dialogue about what the human capital of the valley really wants in a company. People over the age of 30 are more interested in work-life balance than work-hard-play-harder team cultures. These people are interested in being treated like grown-ups who are trusted to get their work done to the highest level whether they are in the office with the rest of the company or working from home.

How Good Engineering Managers Become Great Engineering Leaders
By Quang Hoang, co-founder and CEO, Plato

We've all observed a situation like this: You have a promising engineer on your team who thrives as an individual contributor. But when they get promoted to a "people" manager, they lose confidence, have a hard time making the transition from individual contributor, and struggle to lead the team effectively. It happens in all disciplines, but when it happens in engineering, it can be detrimental to the success of your company. A structured mentoring program can help with recruitment, retention, and development of engineering superstars.


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Web-Exclusive Content
Climbing The Product Development Communication Mountain
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

I recently talked to an iOS developer who works for $400 million software company with different development teams that weren't always in sync. For example, the web developers will push out a product but the iOS team won't know about it, so they aren't able to support the new features until the next release. By that next release the iOS team is perpetually in catch up mode, and the vicious cycle continues. Sound familiar? Shipping code on time and on the same schedule isn't as easy as it sounds. Here's an inside look at how a software company that scaled from 20 to 100 employees climbed a mountain of communication challenges.

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