Newsletter | July 15, 2020

07.15.20 -- How ISVs Benefit From Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions

Software Insights
The Complete Guide To Near-Field Communication Payments

Near-field communication has become an important part of the technology behind mobile payments. This guide will discuss what it is, how it works, and the benefits for integrating this technology into the solutions you offer.

Know Where Know Where Your Company Stands — A Session With Sage Intacct & KeyBanc Capital Markets

Marc Linden and David Spitz discuss how SaaS companies should measure their position in light of today’s volatile business environment. 

How ISVs Benefit From Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions

A semi-integrated approach simplifies the EMV process, expedites in-store experiences, offers ease of ownership, and reduces Payment Card Industry Data-Security Standard (PCI) compliance requirements. This approach to EMV for an ISV or VAR means that they are able to avoid going through the full certification process on their own. This saves the partner money, time, and allows for a quick deployment to market.

Leadership Lessons
Built-In Business Continuity

Whatever the disruption, organizations must plan to the best of their ability to both safeguard the well-being of employees and keep the business up and running.

Leaping From A ‘Project’ To A ‘Product’ Mindset For Excellence In Software Engineering

Within the walls of enlightened software and services companies, it has become popular to discuss a product mindset — a way of life for software engineering that almost automatically forces continuous evolution. And continuous evolution is the key to relevance and the ability to thrive.