Newsletter | June 3, 2020

06.03.20 -- How ISVs Can Create Customer Loyalty With Their Merchants

Software Insights
How Practice Management Software Can Solve Healthcare's Cash Flow Problems

The healthcare space is rapidly changing. It is an industry that has not been immune from the need for digital transformation, especially as telehealth options have become more prevalent.

How The Subscription Paradigm Flips The Cloud Financials Market

The shift from orders to subscriptions might not sound earthshaking on the surface, but as Sage Intacct's David Appel explains, it's changing the entire cloud financials market.

How ISVs Can Create Customer Loyalty With Their Merchants

Merchants refer to ISVs as trusted advisors and that is why it is important for both parties to have a valuable relationship. Here are ways developers can create customer loyalty with their merchants.

Leadership Lessons
Giving Business An Edge In A Hyper-Connected World

The immense volume of data being created in the delivery of digital commerce combined with the need to process it quickly has been creating huge challenges for companies reliant on computing this data.

Vince Crisler: Navigating A Double SaaS Transformation

Transformations are tough. Especially a double transformation. Imagine taking your business model from selling an appliance directly to end customers to selling Software-as-a-Service only through MSPs. That’s the success story that Vince Crisler, CEO of Dark Cubed, tells in my recent Channel Journeys podcast.

Traits For SaaS Companies To Look Out For When Hiring

When it comes to creating company culture many people immediately think of office perks. Does the office have a cool interior design? Do they host entertaining events? Contrary to popular belief, the foundation of building a company culture has zero to do with office perks.