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04.12.19 -- How MX Built A Software Organization That Doesn't Frustrate Engineers

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How MX Built A Software Organization That Doesn't Frustrate Engineers
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

This CTO explains how a flat organizational structure and a methodical employee offboarding process can help engineers flourish.

Why Aren’t Software Companies Embracing The Channel?
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

The channel isn’t going away, and software isn’t getting easier or cheaper to sell. So, why do software companies struggle to capitalize on the selling power of channel partners? 

Series A SaaS Startup Benchmarks

In early January 2019, Tomasz Tunguz analyzed how far along typical Series A SaaS companies were in 2018. The median growth rate (250 percent) and median ARR ($1.8 million) were surprisingly large. Tunguz explains, “In four years, we’ve seen a 4x increase in the median MRR of a Series A SaaS company.

Companies To Watch: Upper Hand
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

This B2B2C software platform serves up flexible features and complementary services while growing its customer base of sports businesses 125 percent YoY.

Web-Exclusive Content
5 Red Flags To Avoid When Selecting An Embedded BI Solution
By Kelsy Ketchum, Better Buys Use with permission with Exago BI

Finding the right business intelligence (BI) solution to embed in your software is often difficult. With so many options on the market, knowing which choice is best can overwhelm even the most experienced software professional.

What Is Software Compliance Analytics?

Software piracy is still a big issue. Customer overuse is still a big issue. So let’s talk about software compliance analytics and the data that helps you convert pirates into paying customers.

6 Top Challenges SaaS Salespeople Face Today

Today’s selling space moves at the speed of light, and only the survival-of-the-fittest salespeople will thrive. It’s crucial that sellers learn how to adapt to new buyer behaviors so that they can navigate through the sales process and close more deals.

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