Article | December 11, 2018

How Product Managers Listen To The Voice Of The Customer

Source: Revulytics

By Keith Fenech, VP, Software Analytics, Revulytics

Listen Ear

Gartner has predicted that by 2021, 75% of software providers will rely on insights from embedded software usage analytics to inform product management decisions and measure customer health (Predicts 2018: Technology Go-to-Market). Based on this prediction, we were interested to see where things stand today and wanted to get a better sense of how Product Managers are currently using customer data and listening to the voice of the customer.

We created and promoted a survey to the members of the (very active) Product Management Networking Group on LinkedIn that I co-founded and we’re sharing the results today in a webinar and report that I’d encourage you to check out.

Seventy percent of the 319 respondents were Product Managers (we also saw responses from the C-suite, Marketing, Sales, and Engineering) with more than two-thirds of respondents working for software vendors. We suspect the findings will resonate with you and likely mirror conversations you’ve had with your colleagues about the best ways of understanding customer needs.