Article | August 8, 2018

How To Accelerate Your Startup's Funding: Take Advantage Of Residual Income

Source: Paragon Payment Solutions
Job Growth

Business management software is in high demand in virtually all business sectors. We know you are ready to triumph in your vertical. The catch? It takes a while to establish yourself as a well-known industry powerhouse. How can you accelerate your startup’s funding in the meantime? Focus on residual income by pairing with a software payment partner.

The Benefits of Residual Income

Acquiring investment capital at the seed stage is tricky and often brings strings attached that can make you uncomfortable. Investors want their money back as quickly as possible, which pushes the focus to short-term returns instead of product quality or customer relationships.

Residual income is different. It’s stable, long term and dependable. Best of all, you decide how to use it. One great way to have access to significant residual income is by adding an integrated payment option to your software offering. Basically, every payment transaction your customers handle generates a percentage for your business. As you build your customer base, that regular income goes a long way.