Article | May 30, 2018

How To Accept Payments In A Mobile App With A Mobile Payment SDK

Source: Paragon Payment Solutions
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No longer are we, as consumers and employees, tied to our desks — the world is mobile. We access more and more of our information on the go via smartphones and tablets. Because of that, we need efficient solutions for making and accepting payments from a mobile device. As a software developers, you want and need to provide the seamless solution your users desire. You need the Paragon Payment Solutions PURE Mobile Payment SDK.  Here’s the why and how:

Apps:  How the World Does Mobile

While all of our mobile devices can access the internet via a search engine, such as Chrome or Safari, most users opt for apps when on the go. Apps are faster, easier, and often more secure. The proof of our app-happy society is in the numbers. In 2017, 197 billion apps were downloaded to mobile devices, a nearly eight-fold increase from the previous year’s 25 billion.

In fact, 90% of mobile time is spent in apps. That’s an astronomical number that requires software developers to not only keep pace but also keeps their development roadmap quite full.

Of course, many apps aren’t just an easier interface; they can accept payments as well. Whether for in-app purchases or an on-the-go payment, developers will need a mobile payment SDK to provide a comprehensive secure mobile payments solution for their users.