Guest Column | December 2, 2019

How To Become Channel Influencer Of The Year

By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting


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“When we really define influence, we say, if you were to post something or put something online or engage online, who's listening to you, and what action are they taking? And that's what makes you an influencer “Janet Schijns

While we all get a buzz tracking our likes and follows, that’s not an accurate measure of our influence inside or outside our organizations. That is just one of the many tips I learned chatting with Janet Schijns, the 2019 Channel Influencer of the Year, on my Channel Journeys podcast.

Janet, CEO of the JS Group, discusses why social media influence is hugely important for your personal and professional brand. She shares the steps she took to become such an effective influencer.

Key Take-Aways

There are three things that make an influencer; trust, being known, and being a part of the conversation.

  1. Be trustworthy
  • People will not trust someone who is only posting their company's pre canned information.
  • Trudy comes from being purposeful about building what your brand platform is going to be as a person.
  • We typically trust the people that are part of our “cultural tribe”.
  1. Be known
  • Where most people start to fail is not routinely posting content and not engaging with other influencers. 
  • If you don’t have time, hire someone who can learn your tone and brand, and make those posts and interactions for you.
  • People who “don’t believe in social media” are putting their company at peril.
  1. Be part of the conversation
  • Participation is a key factor. Interact with clients and customers on their posts and on comments they make. 
  • Watch the hashtag of an event as it is going on in the moment. You can be part of a relevant conversation even if you're not in the room.

Take Action - One Thing You Can Do Today

Carve out 15 minutes every day at lunch to interact online with your tribe. And listen to the complete Channel Journeys podcast to learn more about Janet and how you can become a super-influencer.

About The Author

Rob SpeeRob Spee is founder and CEO of Channel Journeys Consulting and host of the Channel Journeys podcast. Rob applies his channel expertise to help clients create and execute channel strategies to accelerate revenue growth. His global channel experience spans from building channels at startups to vendors and distributors like Arrow, BMC, Carbonite, and SAS. Follow Rob on Twitter and LinkedIn.