Newsletter | September 26, 2019

09.26.19 -- How To Choose The Best Integrated Payments Provider

How To Choose The Best Integrated Payments Provider

As a POS developer, you are no doubt aware of the problems that come with choosing the right businesses to partner with. Can you trust them? Are they reliable and flexible? Will they be around in five years, or will they be acquired by a company you want nothing to do with? You need answers to these questions before entering into that relationship. After all, your livelihood and the financial health of your company are on the line.

How Supporting All Processors Helps VARs And ISVs Compete Against "Free POS"

"Free POS" offers can be tempting to new business owners. Their budgets are usually tight, and they’re looking for the least expensive and easiest ways to get their new businesses off the ground. But as VARs and ISVs know all too well, "free POS" isn’t free. In fact, "free POS" is often defined by no upfront costs and monthly fees buried into processing contracts.

3 Reasons Value-Added Services Can Keep POS VARs And ISVs In Business

POS ISVs and their VAR channels need to answer the persistent question: How do we compete? By analyzing the industry, talking with our partners, and considering the changes end users are facing in their markets, we are convinced the answer is value-added services. 

Can Merchants Recover Payment Processing Costs With Credit Card Surcharges?

Running a profitable business is a continual challenge. The costs of inventory, labor, energy, and transportation are rising. And at the same time, competition is growing fiercer, so keeping prices low is crucial. A way to cut costs and improve the bottom line is sure to get any merchant’s attention — and you can offer them a solution that allows them to recoup their payment processing fees.

See How greenbox Implemented Unattended Payments

Erba Collective is one of Los Angeles’ most beloved dispensaries. Erba prides themselves on craft cannabis with an emphasis on sustainable and organic growing techniques. Looking to reduce wait times and increase customer turnover, Erba decided to partner with greenbox Robotics and Datacap to deliver a seamless unattended kiosk with integrated payments.