Article | August 26, 2019

How To Create A Great User Onboarding Experience That Leads To Product Adoption And Customer Success

Source: ChurnZero

By Andy Mura, the Head of Marketing at Userlane via ChurnZero

Customer Experience Field Service

When you think of the reasons why churn happens, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps product problems, loss of a key user in the account, a bad use case… 

Sure, these are some reasons why customers may churn, but the reality is that your churn rate is deeply connected to the quality of onboarding journey your users go through. 

And I’m not only talking about desired outcome churn or low trial-to-paid conversion rate that occurs when new users abandon your platform before turning into customers. I’m talking about long-term churn. 

Does this sound surprising to you?

Bear with me for a second while we go through the user adoption journey and you’ll see how customer success is tightly linked to the user onboarding experience and proactive support you offer.

The Beginning of the Journey

Your user adoption journey starts long before users actually interact with your product or platform. 

Your promotional activities and the educational content you share with your audience need to raise awareness about a specific issue and then link the solution to that problem with the capabilities of your own solution. 

User adoption involves making sure that every time an individual or an organization needs to tackle a task, they consider your solution as the go-to application. 

Outstanding brands create connections between customer needs and their solution. 

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